Math Update

This week we continued to practice breaking apart numbers to find partners!  We worked specifically with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 using our “little lambs” and “stair step tool” to help us find the smaller partners inside these bigger numbers.  As we worked through this exploration we made some new discoveries: equal partners and switch partners!!

Equal partners occur when both partners are the same (equal) number.  For the number 6, the equal partners are 3+3.  For the number 8, the equal partners are: 4+4.  We noticed that equal partners don’t always occur for every number – next week we will learn more about why this happens!

Later in the week, as we broke apart the number 7, we came across another interesting and new discovery: switch partners.  We realized that we can be super quick, but very thorough, mathematicians if we find one set of partners, such as 1+6, and then S-W-I-T-C-H the placement of the partners to quickly find another set: 6+1. Our first graders are becoming such experts at finding partners and switch partners with all this new knowledge.

In fact, by the end of the week we used our schema about partners to play a new math game: Melon Monster!!  To play this game we had little monsters (students) come up to secretly munch on a few melons (paper plates) in the front of our classroom.  When the monster finished eating he or she left the extra melons on the board so the rest of our class could use their super duper math skills to figure out how many melons that monster ate.

Make sure to ask your child if they’ve had a chance to be our hungry Melon Monster.  If they haven’t yet – no worries – we will be playing again next week! :)

Mrs. Stadt :)

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