Math Update

Our first grade mathematicians finished up finding partners and switch partners for the numbers 9 and 10 this week. We enjoyed playing Melon Monster a few more times, and learned a new game called Number Grabber to test our ability to recognize the numbers 1-10 with ease. We have also finished up our number writing practice at school.  Please keep an eye on your child as he or she works on their math homework, and help them correct their numbers if they make an “opps” and write some backwards.

We also spent time this week studying five groups.  We are trying to train our brains to identify and know when a group of dots, circles, or fingers equals 5, so we don’t have to waste time counting out this group.  Recognizing five groups is a beginning step in the important skill of counting on that we will be addressing soon.  Encourage your child at home to “see a five” as they solve problems on their homework pages!

Looking ahead to next week, we are planning to take our Unit 1 Assessment on Thursday. The best way to prepare your child for this assessment is to continue supporting him or her on the homework pages that are sent home. Due to the assessment and quick quiz that we will be taking this week, your child will only have math homework on Monday and Wednesday.

Thank you!

Mrs. Stadt :)

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