Just Write Celebration Book!

Our Just Write writing celebration is right around the corner, Thursday May 17.  Before spring break, the kids worked hard to revise and edit one of their stories from this year to get ready to show off to you at our celebration in May.  If you have never been to one of our Just Write Celebrations before, it is a chance for everyone at Georgetown to showcase the work that they have done throughout the year to grow as a writer.

One of the ways that we will be showcasing our work this year is by publishing a class book with one story from each of our first graders in Room 106.  We are shipping our stories off to the press later this week to be published and returned to our school by our celebration week.  We are working with a company called StudentTreasures.  They are allowing us to ship our stories to them and they will publish ONE free book for our classroom (whether parents choose to buy one or not).  In order for our classroom to receive our free copy, we do need to send home a parent note.  The parent note NEEDS to be filled out and returned to school for us to be able to receive our free copy of the class book.

PLEASE, do NOT feel that you need to purchase one of these books.  We just want to take advantage of the free copy and let the kids enjoy seeing their work in a published book.  But, you DO NOT need to purchase one unless you want to.  No pressure!  :)

I sent the parent notes home today, please fill them out and send them back to school ASAP.

Thanks so much for your support of our writers!

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