Important Dates: Week 33

Thank you so much for filling out our Zoo Field Trip Survey!!!  We have so many volunteers that are able to join us!!!  Woohoo!!!  More information about our trip and answers to some of your questions will be coming soon.

May 6 – Computer Day

May 6 – Jet’s Pizza Night

May 7 – Happy Birthday Madelynn!!!

May 8 – Library Day

May 8 – Math Assessment: Unit 7

May 8 – PTC Meeting @ 6:30

May 9 – Scholastic Book Order Due

wheelbarrow-flower-pot-flowersYou may have noticed another field trip listed on our May/June calendar.  On Thursday, May 15, we will take a trip to N. Schut Greenhouses to learn more about how the sun helps plants grow.  This field trip is only for the students in our class and will last for a short half-hour to forty-five minutes.  We will definitely be back in time for our JUST WRITE Celebration which will begin at 2:45 in the afternoon on that same day.  Mark your calendars!!!  All parents, siblings, and grandparents are invited to join us to experience a first grade writing celebration and tour the school to check out the amazing writers at Georgetown!!!  JUST WRITE t-shirt orders were sent home last week.  If you would like to get a shirt, make sure to send in your order by May 7.

Mrs. Stadt :)

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