Reading Update

imgresWe had an exciting week in Reader’s Workshop this week!  First, we finished up our study of spot and dot.  On our last day, the kids were able to use i-pads to practice the spot and dot strategy with the tricky words from their just right books.  After recording on the Show Me app, we shared our multi-syllable words with our partners.  We are SOOOO excited to continue using this strategy!!!

Later in the week, we began a new unit of study.  During this unit, the kids will become experts on different topics that are fascinating to them.  We will be reading nonfiction books, fiction books, magazines, songs, and poems about the same topic to grow our expertise.  In order to begin this cross-genre study, we had to reorganize our classroom library. This was a BIG job, but the kids were such wonderful helpers!  We sorted all of our books by topics. Some of these topics included “Insects”, “Dogs”, “Dangerous Animals”, “Animals that Can Fly”, “Animals that Change”, “Weather”, “Famous People”, “Jobs”, “Sports” and many, many more!!

This coming week, we will choose new topics on which to become experts! I can’t wait to hear about the new things they will learn!

Mrs. Stadt :)

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