Daily Archives: March 11, 2017

Learning Update!!!


This week, we reviewed the long vowel combinations that we’ve introduced:

ee, ea, ai, oa & oy, ay, ey, y & ow, ou.

And then we introduced a new set of vowel teams. We discussed vowel teams:

aw, au, ue, oo, ew.









The first graders are building a collection of vowel teams to help them decode tricky words. This week, we will dig into multisyllabic words with a new decoding strategy called Spot & Dot.


This week, the first graders worked hard to get ready for our fifth writing celebration of the year. We spent time sorting our stories into a GREAT pile and a ‘not so great’ pile. They chose one story to revise and edit. Then, in preparation for our celebration, we studied other authors and noticed that they had added a cover with a title, a dedication page, and an all about the author page. And just like them, we tried it too!  If the stories don’t entertain you, the about the author pages will!  It was such a fun celebration of all we’ve learned!!!






This week, we reviewed all the different kinds of stories and equations that we have focused on in Unit 5. We then took the unit assessment and the students performed very well. We will continue to practice the skills that have been introduced this year, but we are ready to move into our next unit of math that focuses on sorting, organizing, and comparing data.

Blanket Day!!!

The first graders in Room 106 have earned another star prize for following our first grade rules!!!  This time around we voted to have a blanket day, so… Monday, March 13, will be Blanket Day in Room 106!

Your child may bring in a big or small blanket to snuggle with throughout the day.  Psst – don’t tell your first grader, but we may use these blankets to build some forts at the end of the day!

Mrs. Stadt :)