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Important Notes: Week 35


I hope you had time to relax and enjoy those you love!!!  I also wanted to share how thankful that I am for all that you do each day to support your child as he/she grows in kindness, wisdom, and character.  We could not do what we do at school each day without your support, encouragement, and care!!  THANK YOU MOMS!!!

May 17 – Library Day

May 18 – Marco’s Pizza Night

May 19 – Math Assessment

May 19 – Last Day of Mileage Club

We finished up our nonfiction writing post assessment last week ,and have had some WONDERFUL parent volunteers that have helped to laminate, cut, remove staples, and bind books of each child’s portfolio of writing from the year!  These books are incredible!!  Thank you so much Mrs. DeGroot, Mrs. Pals, and Mrs. Barnum for your help!!!  We have a few more to finish up this week – I can’t wait to send them home!!!

Feathers are starting to grow in on the wings.

Chick Update:  Our chicks are doing well!  We’ve had lots of fun watching them, naming them, and even holding them at school.  (Check out the photo stream to see some cute pictures!!!)  I am planning to keep the chicks at school for one more week – unless they start to get too stinky!  Our family is going to keep a few of the hens in a chicken coop in our backyard.  I have some willing farmers that will take the rest, however, if you or someone you know is interested in raising chickens – let me know! :)

***Zoo field trip chaperones – check your e-mail for more information about the field trip tomorrow!!***