Daily Archives: May 21, 2017

Important Notes: Week 36

We said goodbye to our chicks on Friday.  It was such a cool experience to watch them progress through their life cycle.  On Friday, we noticed their combs growing in and SO MANY feathers.  Mr. Stadt and I are becoming more confident in identifying the hens and roosters.  We’ll be keeping all the chicks in our garage for another week – let me know if you are interested taking one home! :) :)

May 22 – Field Trip to the Zoo

(We will leave school around 9:15 and meet are chaperones at the zoo @ 9:40ish.  Remember to dress your child for the outdoors, apply sunscreen, and send their sack lunch to school.)

May 24 – Last Library Day

Please send your child’s book back to school.  We will head down to the library to turn our books in and listen to one more story from Mrs. Van.

Learning Update:  We have been working on poetry and using our “poet’s eyes” during writing time.  The kids LOVE writing and sharing their poetry!!  During our readers’ workshop, we’ve been working on our fluency as we read our character books.  This week our first graders even became directors – giving their friends helpful tips to portray the characters’ emotions as they read: “a little more sadness”, “use a quieter voice”, or “try to be more excited”.  During math we finished up our unit eight: practicing two digit addition.  We have become experts at the: NEW 10 ABOVE strategy!