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Important Notes: Week 25

Did you hear about our special visitors this week?  Mrs. Stadt, Violet, and Henry came to visit on Monday and the second graders in Mrs. Yankee’s class came to visit on Friday.  We loved having guests in our classroom! :)  Be sure to check the photo stream for pictures.

We had a little stomach bug sweep through our classroom this past week.  We have thoroughly, cleaned and have been very thoughtful about washing our hands and using sanitizer.  I think we might be able to get our windows open later this week for some fresh air too.  Woohoo!!!

February 27 – Library Day

March 1 – Reading Assessment Day

I will be meeting with many of the students in our class to reassess reading levels. (I’ve already been able to meet with a few kids during the past two weeks.)  We will have a substitute teacher in our classroom today.

March 2 – Popcorn Day

March 2 – Scholastic Book Order Due

I will send home some of our scholastic flyers on Monday.  All the info for ordering will be posted on the blog.  Submit your order by Friday.

March 3 – PTC Girls Event @ BAM!

*** Just a reminder, our March early release day is on March 9.  Our lunch menu shows March 2 as the half day, but this is incorrect. ***

Our Spring Parent Teacher Conferences have been scheduled for March 12 & 14.

Check your e-mail for a message with your day and time on Monday, February 26.  Please look over your scheduled time and send me an e-mail to confirm or reschedule.  Thank you!

Learning Update!!!


This week in reading, we worked on READING ALOUD like an EXPERT.  To read aloud like an expert, we needed to watch some experts in action.  So, we studied a clip of the Kratt Brothers, from the show Wild Kratts.  We learned that we can do what Chris and Martin do – change our voices to show the important parts in our nonfiction books.

We were sounding like such great readers this week that we wanted to invite some visitors to come listen and learn from us. We invited Mrs. Yankee’s second graders to come to our classroom at the end of the week.

To get ready for their visit, we searched through our books for the most fascinating parts that are worth sharing with others, so we would be ready to stop and talk.

We also practiced reading with feeling to match watch was happening on each page.

Our fluency was AMAZING!!!  Mrs. Yankee’s class had such a great time visiting and learned so many interesting facts from our research. :)


We had a busy week in Writer’s Workshop. We began the week by learning about how good nonfiction writers make sure to add pictures that teach into their books. We focused on making sure to add details to our pictures. We took a look at how other authors had used text features in their nonfiction books to help use the pictures to teach their readers. Some ways that we can add details to our pictures are through labels, captions, zooming into details on our pictures, and by using shapes, color, and size words.
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
We learned this week that Nonfiction authors have to spell tough words! We decided we weren’t going to be afraid of trying those precise, vocabulary words. We are going to be brave spellers! We know that in order to spell precise words, we have to listen to each sound that a word makes while we slowly say it across our fingers. Once we slowly say the word and count the sounds, then we write each sound that we hear. We also know not to forget those vowels!
Inline image 3
We ended the week by sharing our writing with readers in our room. They helped us add more facts that they wanted to know or subtract facts if our writing was a little too confusing! Then we set goals for ourselves. First Grade writers really thought hard about what they are doing well and what they need to work on next week. We took a peek at the First Grade Checklist for Nonfiction Writing and learned we already know how to do a lot of things really well. However, there are still things we can work on! Everyone chose one thing they wanted to work on for next week. Some kids might have chosen to add more to their pictures while others chose to really focus on punctuation. First Graders are loving writing Nonfiction Books!


This week, we reviewed everything we have learned about tens and ones, comparing numbers (<, >, =), counting on, making a 10, and using our doubles facts.
We took our Unit 4 assessment on Friday.  The kids worked very hard to double check their work and be careful counters.  Look for your child’s test to come home next week.  If a section of the test is still a little fragile for your child we will continue working on those skills here at school.
We are looking forward to solving more stories and working with teen totals during our Unit 5 that will begin on Monday.