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Important Notes: Week 29

What a fun end to our week!!! We had a blast sharing our books with Miss Smith’s class during our writing celebration and enjoyed a Hawaiian Punch toast too.  We have become such amazing nonfiction writers!!! We were also amazingly helpful and innovative fort builders – our fort was huge!!!  Be sure to check the photo steam for more pictures of all our fun!!!

March 24 – Happy Birthday Nolan!!!

March 26 – Spelling Assessment

Be sure to practice our spelling words at home: one, by, not, had, or

March 27 – Library Day

March 26-28 – Nonfiction Writing Post Assessment

Our class will be writing our last nonfiction book this week.  I will use this piece of writing to assess each child’s understanding of writing nonfiction books.  If you are able, before school on Monday, brainstorm with your child about a topic they are an expert on that he or she might want to write about and check in with your child about how their writing is going throughout the week.  I can’t wait to read these amazing books!!!

March 30 – April 8 – Spring Break: No School

Have a wonderful spring break!!!  Enjoy lots of rest, relaxation, and hopefully sunshine and warm weather too!!!  I wish you safe travels if your family is vacationing somewhere outside of West Michigan.  See you soon!!!

Learning Update!!!


Our first grade readers added more “tools” for solving tricky words to their reading strategy tool box this week!  One of our new tools is to read our words part by part.  If we slowly say each part, a really long word with lots of syllables isn’t as tricky anymore.  (j – ump – ing = jumping)

We also practiced using words we know to help us figure out new words.  If we already know a word like will, we can use part of the word will to help us read a new word: thrilling.

We found that to figure out some words in our books, we need to try many different vowel and consonant sounds until the word makes sense, looks right, and sounds right!  Sometimes there are so many sounds to try, but we won’t give up!

Finally, we realized that there many words in our books that we know in a snap from practicing all our sight words this year.  We practiced reading familiar words quickly, instead of saying each sound, because we know them so well.

Our first graders have been loving the Zelda and Ivy: The Runaways book that we’ve been using to practice with all of our new reading tools.  If you are looking for a new series to read, definitely check these books out!


This week we wrapped up our unit on Nonfiction Books. We began the week with a writing challenge to write a brand new nonfiction book in two days.  The kids were so excited and our books turned out great!!  Once all of our books were finished, we went through all of our books carefully to edit each book with a partner. Check out our editing checklist to see what we were looking for in our finished books.
We ended the week by adding a cover to our book and finally getting to color the pictures we have been working so hard on the past several week. Then we joined with another First Grade Class to read them our Nonfiction Books. We had so much fun teaching other kids all about our topics! I loved hearing them use their teacher voice while they were reading their books. Way to go First Graders!


This week, we learned how to use the partners of 100 to solve equations that totaled 100. The partners of 100 are very similar to the partners of 10; however, we are working with tens instead of ones. This strategy came in handy for solving some of our two-digit equations as well.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.08.47 PM

We also used our understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction to solve equations. This strategy helped us to quickly find the missing partner in an addition equation once we solved the subtraction equation.

At the end of the week, we reviewed and took our unit assessment. The students performed very well. We are excited to move into our next unit of math that focuses on sorting, organizing, and comparing data.

Important Notes: Week 28

Thank you so much for a wonderful week of parent-teacher conferences!!!  I am so proud of each and every first grader!!!  They are such a sweet group of kids and so kind to one another!!! :) :) :)

The rest of our year is going to fly by at lightning speed.  We will be covering a lot of fun social studies curriculum topics after spring break and getting ready for our field trip to the zoo.  We can’t wait!!!

March 20 – Library Day

March 21 – Spelling Assessment

Be sure to practice our spelling words at home: one, by, not, had, or

March 22 – PTC Meeting @ 6:30

March 23 – Math Assessment

March 23 – Writing Celebration

We will celebrate our amazing nonfiction writing and share our work with another first grade class!

 Enjoy the beautiful weather today!!!

Learning Update!!!



This week our readers practiced some new strategies to help “triple check” that our words are correct.

We learned that readers are always thinking about the story.  Sometimes when we are stuck on a tricky word, thinking about what’s happening in the story will help us figure out a word makes sense, looks right, and sounds right.

We also learned that the words in our book should fit together like a puzzle and should “sound right” when we read them.  As we were solving tricky words together, we often asked, “What word fits in this sentence?”

Partner time is our favorite part of readers workshop!!!  We LOVE coaching our reading partners and figuring tricky words together each day.  Way to go, first graders!!!  Keep being the BOSS of your reading!!!


We started a new bend in writing this week. We are continuing on with our Informational Chapter Books but we added in researching our topics. We began the week by starting brand new chapter books. This time, we looked through nonfiction books in our classroom library to learn more about our topics. We focused on using a picture of photograph to add more information and researching our topics with books from the classroom to find more information that we could add to our own books. Check out the chart below to see all the things we know how to add to our books!

Next week we will be wrapping up Nonfictions writing and celebrating all the hard work that first graders have done! These kids have been working so hard and I love reading their books!



During our math time this past week, we spent time studying our 120 number grid.  We noticed patterns in the ones place and tens place going across the grid and down the grid.  We also used our number grid to find 10 more and 10 less than a number.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.20.54 PM

While our number grid can be very helpful, it’s not our only tool for adding ten more and ten less.  We can also use our ten sticks find the answer when adding and subtracting tens.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.42.56 PM

We will continue using our strategies next week to add and subtract two digit numbers!

Princess & Superhero Day

Room 106 has done it again!!  We have earned another classroom prize and this time around the kids have creatively chosen:

Princess & Superhero Day

To celebrate your child may come to school dressed as a princess or superhero on Monday, March 12.  So much fun!!!  The kids and I brainstormed about some creative ideas in case you don’t have costumes at home. (Blankets for capes and fancy dresses or tutus for princesses.  Please feel free to use parts of other costumes too, maybe from Halloween or the dress up bin.)  Most importantly, please don’t go out an buy anything new!

We will spend a little time making some paper crowns and masks at school on Monday too!  Please leave any weapon type accessories and home.  Send me an e-mail if you have any questions. :) :)  I’ll be sure to take lots of cute photos!!!

Important Notes: Week 27

Our 3D rainbows sure make it feel like spring, even if the weather has decided to get real chilly again.  (See the photo stream for more cute pictures!!!) On these cold days, remember to send your child to school with hats and gloves and encourage your child to wear them at recess time too!!

**No library this week due to the book fair.**

March 12 & 14 – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Click here to view the schedule: SPRING CONFERENCES

March 12 – Princess and Superhero Day!!!

March 12 – Book Fair Preview

We will head down to the book fair so your child can make a wish list of the books he or she would like to get.  You do not have to purchase these books.  This experience gets the kids excited about new books to read and possibly buy!!

March 14 – Book Fair Buy Day

Today our class has the opportunity to visit the book fair to purchase books.  If your child would like to buy a book, please send his/her money to school on Wednesday in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and the phrase “Book Fair Money”.  Remind your child to hand me the envelope when they get to school.

March 17 – Boys Day Out Event

March 17 –  St. Patrick’s Day

Wear GREEN to school on Friday.

Learning Update!!!


During our reading time this week, we worked on being the BOSS of our reading!  If we’re being the boss of our books, when we get to a tricky word we know we have to STOP and try something to fix it.

If that doesn’t work we can try another strategy!

Finally, when we think we figured out the word, we do a triple check to make sure the word: makes sense, sounds right, and looks right!

At the end of the week we set a goal to be more mindful about using our strategies to do a triple check of our words.


We continued with our nonfiction chapter books this week in Writing. We learned how good writers can add details to their books by adding comparisons and examples. For comparisons, we tried comparing things that might be a little hard to understand to things that are easy to understand. For example…

Sharks teeth are as sharp as a knife! 
– or –
A first grade classroom is like your school home.
We also practiced giving examples to help the reader understand what we are trying to convey. By giving examples, we are helping our reader learn all the information they can about our topics. For example…
Hudsonville has lots of restaurants like Subway, Jets, and Sprinkles.
– or –
Monkeys eats lots of fruit. They eat bananas and oranges.
After we made sure to go back and add lots of details to our writing, we thought it would be important to add introductions and conclusions to our writing. We want to introduce our topic to our reader instead of just jumping in with facts on our first page. We can do this by starting off our chapters books with the sentence starter… In this book, you will learn all about….
While it is important for us to add an introduction to our writing, it is also important to wrap up our book with a conclusion. We don’t want to just end our books with a fact and the book ends, we want to end it with a sentence that lets our reader know that its the end of our book. We are adding the sentence…And now you know all about… Enjoy!
First graders are being very creative with adding their own thoughts to their introductions and conclusions!



During our math time this week, we continued to solve missing partner and missing total stories. We also stretched our thinking by using the Make a Ten strategy to solve equations and math stories with three addends or partners. After we looked for two partners that could make a ten, we found that adding the third partner to ten was a snap!

We are starting to work on counting and writing numbers up to 120. To help your first grader practice this skill, have him/her start at any 2 digit number and then count out loud to 120. This could be a great activity to do together in the car. As an extra challenge, you can even have your child write the numerals up to 120!

Spring Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule

Parent/Teacher conferences will take place next week Monday and Wednesday.  I am excited to meet with all of you to share some of the AMAZING growth your child has made since this fall.  I am so proud of these first graders!!!

I’ve posted the revised conference schedule below.  We have a lot of wonderful things to talk about in just 15 minutes.  Please remember to be prompt and I will do my best to stay right on schedule too!

Report cards will be sent home in your child’s blue folder on Monday, March 12.

Thank you!!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Notes: Week 26

Parent-Teacher conferences have been scheduled.  If you haven’t confirmed your time through e-mail, please do.  Thank you so much for helping your child with take home books, sight words, MobyMax, and spelling words!!!  It is amazing what these 6 and 7 year olds are able to do!!

March 4 – Happy Birthday Drake!!!

March 5 – Spelling Assessment

March 6 – Library Day

March 7 – Boys Day Out Forms Due

March 8 – Jet’s Pizza Night

March 9 – Early Release Day

Students are dismissed from school at 12:15.  (Sack lunches can be ordered through Food Service and will be sent home with your child.  Please make sure your child knows if he or she needs to order a sack lunch.  Feel free to send me an e-mail to let me know if a sack lunch is needed.)

March 11 – Daylight Savings – Spring Forward

Learning Update!!!


In reading this week, we wrapped up our nonfiction reading unit!  We continued to work on sounding like experts when we read aloud.

We learned that sometimes readers put on their writing glasses and read a book thinking about the cool and interesting features that the author put into the story.  We noticed that the author of our Owls book, Mary R. Dunn, used number words, shapes, colors, sizes, and even examples to teach us about owls.  We realized that we can do this in our nonfiction writing too!

We continued to notice keywords in our books and even made a list of keywords about our topic.  We tried to use these words when sharing with our reading partners to sound like experts.

Finally, we talked about using our bodies to bring the book to life.  We used our arms and faces to act our what was happening in our nonfiction books.  This was so much fun!!!  

We loved reading nonfiction books!!!  Our next unit will focus on more strategies for figuring out tricky words, sounding like fluent readers, and making sure we understand what we read.


This week in writing, we wrapped up our first bend of nonfiction books. We edited our books at the beginning of the week. We carefully read our books to make sure they made sense and looked to see that we had capital letter at the beginning of sentences, punctuation at the end of our sentences, and capitalizing the letter I and names. We then had a mini celebration of all the hard work we have done so far!

We also started the next bend in our nonfiction writing. Chapter Books! We spent time writing a book together, All About Hudsonville, so that we could get an idea of how chapters books are just like what we have been doing but longer and with more facts! We are so excited to be writing our own chapter books!


This week our math switch groups reviewed how solve missing partner addition and subtraction equations.  To support our math learning we added new purple and blue quilt cards to our math tool bags.  Our purple and blue cards are very similar to our previous yellow and orange cards, except this time we are encouraging our mathematicians to count-on or “make a ten” as they solve equations with teen totals.
Picture 2We also began solving mixed stories again.The first graders performed very successfully when they complete the appropriate steps in order. Check out this short video to see an example: