Important Notes: Week 33

We have been enjoying the warmer weather and have been taking lots of breaks outside – we even spent time outside this past week studying the natural and man-made parts of our world as a part of our social studies curriculum!  It looks like next week’s weather will not disappoint. We are hoping the nice weather stays around for our zoo field trip too!

In preparation for our trip, I would love to have you fill out this short survey about sack lunches.  Each student will need a sack lunch on the day of our trip, Monday, May 21.  You can choose to pack your child’s lunch or you can purchase a sack lunch from school.  Please fill out the survey by this Friday.  Thank you!   * FIELD TRIP SACK LUNCH SURVEY *

April 29 – Happy Birthday Neeko!!!

May 1 – Library Day

May 3 – Spelling Assessment

Be sure to practice our spelling words at home: but, all, what, were, when

May 4 – Popcorn Day

May 4 – Zoo Field Trip Survey Due

May 4 – Scholastic Book Order Due

A quick egg update:  Our eggs have been in the incubator for 18 days now.  Today, I will removed the eggs from the egg turner and placed them on the bottom of the incubator, so they can prepare to hatch.  The eggs should hatch around day 21.  It will be a pretty exciting Monday/Tuesday at school!!!  Here’s a picture of the eggs staying nice and cozy.

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