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Important Notes: Week #2

What an AWESOME first week of school!!!  The weather was a little STORMY, but we still packed in a lot of FUN in our classroom and outside.  We are beginning to learn our routines for reading, writing, and math and procedures for moving around our classroom and using supplies.  I have enjoyed getting to know your sweet children better and am very excited for a GREAT year!!!

September 4 – Labor Day: No School

September 8 – Happy Birthday Jace & Ian!!!

By the end of this week, we will have celebrated 5 birthdays in our classroom! To learn more about the ways that your child will be honored this year, check out our celebrations noteRemember:  If your child would like to share a birthday treat with our class (12 boys, 10 girls), please send in a nonfood item. Here is a link to our birthday celebration policy.

Our class will head to the library each week on Monday afternoons. Due to the holiday today, we will reschedule our library time for later this week. Look for a book to come home soon!

If you have not checked out our google photo stream, please do! I have some very cute pictures from the first week of school that are already posted.  Look for an e-mail later today with a link to easily access all the photos.

First Grade Info

Now that our first three days of school are complete, you may have some questions about our classroom procedures.  I have attached a First Grade Brochure with information to answer common questions that parents have at the beginning of the school year.  Please take time to read it over, and also check out all of the links under our FIRST GRADE INFO page at the top of our blog.  These two resources will be a helpful place to find answers about first grade throughout year!

Highlighting Behavior

We love to incorporate a sense of teamwork into our first grade classrooms and we do that with behavior. This year, will keep track of our class behavior throughout the day on a rainbow chart.  When we notice that the class as a whole is being great listeners, making great choices, etc., we will move the clip up.  For poor choices, we will move the clip down.  If the class clip ends on green (Ready to Learn), the class earns a point/star toward a class reward.  If they move beyond green (blue, purple, pink), they will earn bonus points/stars.  If they end below green (yellow, orange, red), they will lose stars toward their class goal.  As a class, we will vote on a prize to set as our reward when we have reached the goal point/star level.

Individually, we will work hard on life skills this year through our mind up curriculum, character traits lessons, and citizenship unit.  As we build on these skills throughout the day, we will give reminders if a student needs to practice one rule or another. If your child needs one of these reminders, they will come home with a small sheet that lists the rule they needed to practice at school. This small note is just a heads up for you to notice and no action is needed. We will do this on the positive end of behavior, as well.

If your child needed more behavior intervention than just a few reminders in a day, we will send a note home that gives you some insight into which rule he or she is struggling with. We ask that you have a discussion with your child about their behavior, then sign and return the note to school.

If your child is doing well in a certain life skill area, we want you to celebrate his or her success and will send home a note to alert you!