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Our first grade mathematicians have learned to solve addition stories by drawing pictures, using circle drawings, and writing equations.

This week each of our math groups brainstormed solution strategies for solving equations with missing totals.  To solve 5 + 2 = ___, our first graders suggested…

…making a circle drawing:  

…counting the partners on all their fingers: 

A third strategy that we learned was: COUNTING ON!!!!  Counting on is more accurate and time saving than the first two methods.  When we count on, we underline the greater number and draw dots under the smaller number to show our math work.  Then, we clap and say the greater number, and count on by pointing to and counting the circles under the smaller number.

Picture 3


This week, we continued to add details to our stories that bring our stories to life. We worked on adding tiny steps to our stories and telling them one step at a time, instead of zooming through all the parts.

 We also learned this week, how to finish our stories with a special ending by adding our feelings or thoughts. We talked about how when you give a gift, you finish by wrapping it up and tying a bow.  Stories are similar, our endings help “tie a bow” to our stories and help the reader know that our story is finished. We talked about how sharing some thoughts or feelings at the end of our story is a good way to finish.



We continued to build on our strategies for figuring out tricky words. So far, we’ve talked about sneaking a peek at the picture for clues to the words on the page. The kids also got good practice studying all the parts of their tricky words for chunks of the word that they knew. And, we ended the week by practicing using the context of the rest of the sentence to help them figure out tricky words. So, when you are reading with your child at home, if they come to a tricky word, encourage them to look at the picture, look at all the parts of the word, and to take a running start and try rereading the sentence.

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