Learning Update!!!


This week, we received notice from the SUPER SECRET DETECTIVE AGENCY that our first graders had earned a STAR for their badges because of all their hard work with snap words. They sent us off with a new mission of figuring out longer and trickier words. We focused on breaking apart long words and using what we know about the smaller parts to figure out the tricky word. We also paid close attention to the beginning of words, particularly for letters that go together, like blends (fl, dr, sm) or digraphs (th, sh, ch).


We spent time immersing the students with books that model persuasive letter writing. We read some books featuring a homeless dog who tried to persuade people to adopt him. We also read some books about a little boy who is trying to persuade his parents to get him a pet iguana, a new bedroom, and to come home from vacation so he can leave his grandparents’ house. All these books are written with such humor, that they kept us laughing all week. We used these books as a reference as we moved into our persuasive letter writing unit.

The kids noticed that the letters in the books had some things in common. One thing we noticed about persuasive letters was that the best letters had to do with things that were important to us and that helped make our home, neighborhood, or school a better place. We brainstormed some ways we could help make our school a better place to learn. We will keep adding to this list each day.

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