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Important Dates: Week #35


I hope you had time to relax and enjoy those you love!!!  I also wanted to share how thankful that I am for all that you do each day to support your child as he/she grows in kindness, wisdom, and character.  We could not do what we do at school each day without your support, encouragement, and care!!  THANK YOU MOMS!!!

May 13 – Library Day

May 16 – Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

We said goodbye to our chicks on Friday.  It was such a cool experience to watch them progress through their life cycle.  On Friday, we noticed the combs growing in and SO MANY feathers.  We have some farmers coming to pick them up in a couple of weeks.  We will miss you chickens!!!

***To the excitement of our first graders, we have finished with our homework packets for the school year. Your child will no longer have a homework packet to work through and turn in each week. I have also collected all take home books. (If you still have one at home – send it into school anytime during the next few weeks.) A few kids have asked if they could continue taking home books. That is no problem at all! :) If you would like your child continue to bring home a book too – just let me know. ***

Don’t forget… our Zoo Field Trip is happening next Monday, May 20.  Look for an e-mail later in the week for reminders about how to prepare for the day.

Learning Update!!!


This past week in reading, we revisited paying close attention to how our characters were feeling in the beginning, middle, and end of a book. Each day we read a story and stopped three different times to discuss the characters’ feelings.  We noticed that almost always our characters’ feelings do change!  Often the main character started off happy, in the middle something happened to make them feel scared, sad, or mad, but by the end the problem was resolved.  We compared the characters feelings in our books to a rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs.  We also noticed that when our characters’ feeling change they are learning an important lesson.



This week, we challenged the kids to produce as much writing as possible each day, adding lots of details to enhance their stories (endings, lessons, patterns, pop-out words, etc.). We, also, focused on writing 5 Star sentences, as we get ready for 2nd grade.

Most of the students have completed a handful of stories in their series and we plan to prepare for a celebration of their realistic fiction series next week. Ask your first grader how many adventure stories they wrote for their characters.


This week, our mathematicians reviewed the two different kinds of clocks that we use in everyday life that are called an “analog” clock or a “digital” clock. We discussed that the shorter hand always points to the hours and the longer hand always points the minutes.

We spent lots of time reviewing and practicing drawing the time on an analog clock and on a digital clock!  The hardest part for the kids is to remember that when it is a half hour, the hour hand is half way past that hour (they often read it as the next hour ahead instead of the hour it is half past).

Social Studies: