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Reading Update

This past week in reader’s workshop, we looked at words that were important to our topic. We practiced with a non-fiction book about Earth Day. We found the words recycle, pollution, electricity, and conserve to be important words. These words helped us learn and teach others about what we read about. We kept track of our book’s important words on a reading bookmark.

We remembered how important it is to understand what we are reading and with some of these new topics and tricky vocabulary words, we needed to use some of the tools that nonfiction books provide for us to figure out what the new words mean.  We checked out the glossary for definitions, but also looked at the pictures, checked to see if there were any captions on the page, and reread the words in that section to look for clues.  We also remembered that we should think about our topic, use our accuracy strategies, try spot and dot, and check out the word ending when we come to a tricky word.


This week, when we picked out our books, we picked a topic with our partners.  It made it really fun to meet with our reading partners this week and share what we already know and then to touch base throughout the week and see what new things we had each learned and compare our books with each other.

Mrs. Stadt :)