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Important Notes: Week 5

Brrrr!  Fall is definitely in the air.  What a cool and rainy weekend!  Mrs. Reagan has some great reminders for helping your child to take care of his/her belongings now that the fall weather has set in.  Click here to read her post –> First Week of October

October 3 – Happy Birthday Thomas!!!

October 5 & 6 – Vision/Hearing Screening

October 6 & 7 – Jet’s Pizza Night

October 6 – Computer Day

October 9 – Library Day

Send your child’s book back to school on or before Friday!

October 9 – Math Homework Due

On Monday your child will bring home a three-page packet of math homework.  Send the completed pages back to school by Friday!

This week our wonderful parent volunteers will begin working with students on their sight words.  Please continue to practice your child’s sight words every night at home.  When your child begins a new sight word set at school, the same set will be sent home.  Building an automatic sight word vocabulary will make a huge difference for your emerging reader.

Please also encourage your first grader to take ownership of remembering these important items:

Take Home Books: This five minute practice is essential to growing strong readers. Please make sure that your child reads and returns these books every day.

Snacks & Water Bottles:  Remember to send in two nut-free choices.  Encourage your first grade handle the responsibility of packing the snacks and water bottle into his/her backpack.  This makes it very easy to find these important energy boosters when your child gets to school!

Rachel :)

Important Dates: Week 2

What an AWESOME first week of school!!!  Here’s to a terrific week two…

September 8-12  – Be Nice – Be Safe Week

Check out the Be Nice – Be Safe presentation to learn more about the topics we’ll be discussing as a class this week.

September 9  – Library Day

September 9 & 10 – Jet’s Pizza Night

Mrs. Reagan explained all about Jet’s Pizza Night in her post this week!!!  Check it out!!!

September 11 – Happy Birthday Austin!

September 11 – PTC Meeting @ 6:30

September 12 – Happy Birthday Nora!

We will be celebrating two birthdays in our classroom this week!!!  :)  (We celebrated Maggie’s birthday last week too!!) To learn more about the ways that your child will be honored this year, check out our celebrations note.   Remember:  If your child would like to share a birthday treat with our class (13 boys, 8 girls), please send in a nonfood item.

Looking ahead… September 15 will be our School Picture Day!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Dates: Week 33

Thank you so much for filling out our Zoo Field Trip Survey!!!  We have so many volunteers that are able to join us!!!  Woohoo!!!  More information about our trip and answers to some of your questions will be coming soon.

May 6 – Computer Day

May 6 – Jet’s Pizza Night

May 7 – Happy Birthday Madelynn!!!

May 8 – Library Day

May 8 – Math Assessment: Unit 7

May 8 – PTC Meeting @ 6:30

May 9 – Scholastic Book Order Due

wheelbarrow-flower-pot-flowersYou may have noticed another field trip listed on our May/June calendar.  On Thursday, May 15, we will take a trip to N. Schut Greenhouses to learn more about how the sun helps plants grow.  This field trip is only for the students in our class and will last for a short half-hour to forty-five minutes.  We will definitely be back in time for our JUST WRITE Celebration which will begin at 2:45 in the afternoon on that same day.  Mark your calendars!!!  All parents, siblings, and grandparents are invited to join us to experience a first grade writing celebration and tour the school to check out the amazing writers at Georgetown!!!  JUST WRITE t-shirt orders were sent home last week.  If you would like to get a shirt, make sure to send in your order by May 7.

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Dates: Week 29

March is definitely going out like a lamb!!! :) :)  I am so excited for 60 degrees today!!!

April 1 – Computer Day

April 1 – Jet’s Pizza Night

April 1 – April Fools Day

April 2 – Unit 6: Math Assessment

April 3 – Library Day

April 3 – Talent Show

April 4 – April 13: Spring Break

Have a wonderful spring break!!!  Enjoy lots of rest, relaxation, and hopefully sunshine too!!!  I wish you safe travels if your family is vacationing somewhere outside of West Michigan.  See you soon!!!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Dates: Week 25

We have a busy, busy first week of March!!!

March 3-5 – Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 4 – Computer Day

March 4 – Jet’s Pizza Night

March 6 – Library Day

March 7 – Father/Son Party Registration Due

March 7 – Zoo Field Trip Payment Due

March 7 – Popcorn Day

So glad to be only a few weeks away from spring!!!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Dates: Week 21

We have a lot to accomplish and learn in first grade this week!!!  No snow days, please!!!

January 31 – February 3 – Winter Break: No School

February 1 – Happy Birthday Jackson J!!!

February 3 – Happy 1/2 Birthday Alyssa!!!

February 4 – Computer Day

February 4 – Jet’s Pizza Night

February 6 – Library Day

February 6 – Happy Birthday Xavier!!!

February 7 – Popcorn Day

February 7 – Spelling Assessment

February 7 – Math Assessment

Thank you so much for your donations for our Valentine’s Party!!!  (I just love the Hug & Kiss jars that that we will make – they turn out so cute!!!)  We are still in need of ribbon, Hershey’s Hugs, Teddy Grahams, a healthy snack, and we can always use more game/craft volunteers and stickers (for the jars)!!  Click on the link below if you are interested in donating:

If you are ready to start working on valentines, here is our class list.  Please send your child’s valentines in a bag labeled with their NAME as soon as they are completed.  I can store them here at school until the big day!  Thanks!!!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Dates: Week 17

As I am sure you have seen, it is going to be incredibly cold this week!!  Yikes!!! I will do my best to get everyone bundled up whenever we go outside, but it would be wonderful if you could remind your child to wear his or her hat, gloves, scarf, snow pants, etc. as well!!

January 6 – Welcome Back!!!

January 7 – Computer Day

January 7 – Jet’s Pizza Night

January 9 – Library Day

January 10 – Popcorn Day

I am sure this week will be a little tiring for you child as we get back into the routine of each day.  Don’t forget to send in a water bottle for your child to drink from throughout the day and a morning snack.  We always eat our snack around 10:30ish, but your child can munch on his or her food throughout the day too.  :)

On Monday morning send your child back to school with his or her WEB book and blue folder.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out Raz-Kids over break, have your child stop by this site today!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Dates: Week 15

Has your weekend been as busy as ours?  Baking, sledding, shopping, programs, parades… these December days are flying by so quickly!!

December 4-18 – Candy Cane Sale

December 9 – Computer Day

December 10 – Library Day

December 10 – Jet’s Pizza Night

December 12 – Happy Birthday Lexi!!!

December 13 – Fort Day!!!

More information about this 15 star prize coming soon!

If you haven’t been to the volunteer spot website to sign up to donate or volunteer at our Holiday Party, here is the link.  The response so far has been AWESOME!!  We are still in need of wreaths and buckets for the game, an additional healthy treat, an additional sweet treat, juice boxes (I just added these to the list), and a few more volunteers to help lead the craft center and pass out the snacks.

Thank you so much!!!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Dates: Week 10

It’s another busy, busy week in first grade!

November 4/5/6 – Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 4 – Computer Day

November 5 – Super U Assembly

November 5 – Jet’s Pizza Night

November 5 – Book Fair Preview Day

November 7 – Book Fair Buy Day

November 8 – Popcorn Day

We will be visiting the Book Fair on Tuesday to check out all the books and make our wish lists.  On Thursday, your child will have the opportunity to walk down to purchase books.  The Book Fair will also be open during parent-teacher conferences.

And, a big, big thank you goes out to all the parents who helped to lead the game, craft, and pass out the snacks at our Halloween party!  Our pumpkins were adorable.  The game was perfect, and we had so many delicious snacks!!  I could not have done it without you!!  I’m already thinking ahead to our holiday party is just a few weeks! :)  It’s hard to believe that it’s NOVEMBER already!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Important Dates: Week 5

What a beautiful last Saturday in September!!

September 30 – Walkathon Donations Due

September 30 – Math Switch Begins

October 1  – Jet’s Pizza Night

October 1 – Computer Day

October 3 – Library Day

October 4 – Popcorn Day

October 4 – Scholastic Book Order Due

(The September & October catalogs are coming home on Monday.)

Thank you for helping your child remember their WEB book this past week.  Please try to bring these bags back to school each day, so your child can pick out a new book.  A big THANK YOU also goes out to all of the volunteers that started last week!!!  The kids were so excited to read with you!!

Looking ahead… I have a feeling this next week will also include a P.J. Day!  We are very close to reaching our next class goal!!!

Mrs. Stadt :)