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Writing Update

We have been making our writing easy to read in Writer’s Workshop. It is important that we are able to read what we write, and other people should be able to read it as well! That way, it is easy to share the amazing stories we write. There are a few ways we can make sure our writing is easy to read…

– Finger Spaces

– Capital Letters

– Punctuation

– Spelling words spelled correctly

– Neat Handwriting

We spent most of our time talking about capitals this week.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 2.14.41 PM

We learned that every sentence starts with a capital letter. We also learned that names start with a capital letter as well — just like your name starts with a capital letter. We noticed that the letter i, when it is alone, is also capital. This is because you are talking about you, so that should be capital too :)

We will continue talking about easy to read writing next week as well. We will look at adding finger spaces, punctuation, spelling words, and using our best handwriting.

Mrs. Stadt :)

Spelling Update

be, this, & from

We will continue to study and practice be, this, and from this week in Spelling! We also have been looking at how double letters stand for one sound. For example, in the word bee the two e’s, which are called double letters, stand for one sound.

And lastly, we introduced our iPods to the students during reader’s workshop time!! :) They were given the time to explore with the app Doodle Buddy last week. This week, we have been focusing on practicing our sight words on an app called Sight Words! This app first says a word and the students must pick the matching word from a list of 5 words! I truly enjoy seeing the kids engaged and enthusiastic about their sight words! Keep up the great work First Graders!

Spelling Update

Our first grade spellers are coming along! We wrapped up Unit 3 of spelling with a review and assessment. Our first graders did absolutely wonderful! Then we started Unit 4 with three new spelling words: in, is, you. It is exciting to see how our first graders are able to integrate their spelling words into their reading. We recognized that we could use our spelling word “in” as a chunk in our reading. We found the chunk in the words: fin, spin, pin, and thin. We will continue to study these words and try our best to spell them correctly in our writing!