Social Studies Update

The past two weeks in Social Studies, we have been learning about Families. During this unit, we focused on learning about key concepts like rules, responsibilities, basic needs, wants, change and being alike/different. We started the unit learning All About Me! Throughout the year, each student will have a turn to share all about themselves in their first grade classroom. When it is their week, students will bring home a packet to fill out and bring back to school so they can share with all of their friends and have their favorite things posted on the All About Me board in our classroom.

Then we moved into discussing What is a Family? We talked about how families play together, work together, eat together, keep each other safe, take care of each other, and love each other which lead into Working together in a Family.  We also learned about How Families are alike and different. We read a book about different types of families and then made a Venn Diagram with a partner about how are families are alike and different too. We wrapped up the unit by discussing How is a School like a Family. We determined that schools are like families because we take care of ourselves and others, respect the rights of others and Authority, follow rules, and get along with others. We decided that our classroom was like our School Family!

Mrs. Stadt :)

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