Social Studies Update

In Social Studies we have been continuing to learn about HISTORY.  This week we talked about how families have a past. We looked at family trees and talked about the history of our families. We also discussed schools of the past and compared to what a school day is like now.  The kids noticed a lot of differences in the book we read.  In the past, kids got to school by walking or by horses, girls wore dresses, not everyone had shoes on all the time, all different ages were in ONE room, and they didn’t have much on their playground.  The kids were encouraged to talk to grandparents to see what school was like when they were little – to see if there were any similarities.

We also talked about how we can celebrate events AND people from the past.  The kids came up with some great holidays, and we discussed how these are events that happened LONG ago, but because they are important to our country, we celebrate them every year.  :)  Just like each of them have a birthday every year, the 4th of July is the birthday of our country– so it’s something everyone in the US can celebrate together!

Tonight our special history homework page came home in your child’s blue folder.  Spend some time chatting with your child about how life was different when YOU were little.  Feel free to send this page back into school whenever it is convenient for you – no rush!!! :)  Have fun!!  The kids were so excited that their mom or dad had homework too!! :)

Mrs. Stadt :)

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