Social Studies Update

We are learning about maps in Social Studies!  A lot of the kids had some great schema for maps.  They know… it is something that can help you if you get lost, something you use on a trip, something to help show you where you are, or to find a treasure!!  You may have seen a classroom map come home that was made from a “Bird’s Eye View.”  We talked about how when WE look at things, we see them one way- but when we look at a map, it looks different.  We pretended we were birds and could see right through the top of our classroom.  We discussed how things would look different from the top, we wouldn’t see the legs of chairs or tables, or the books on the shelves!  Since we are looking at the map from a different angle, we needed to make a key with our symbols so people would know what they were looking at!

We also read a book called, “Me On the Map” and learned about maps and globes.  We learned that there are symbols on maps and globes, too, to help us understand.  Where we see green, that is land, and where we see blue- we know that is water.  We know that each person has a special place on the map.  We then started studying our addresses!  We talked about all the different parts (name, street address, city, state, and zip code) and then gave the kids a chance to try writing it on their own.  We had three kiddos who knew their entire address already!!  We had those kids tell the class their address as I typed it into our Maps app and the kids got the biggest kick out of checking out where their friends lived and where their friends houses were in comparison to their friends and the school.  We’ll keep checking next week to see if any other classmates can remember all the parts of their addresses.

Practice your address at home…the trickiest parts are the numbers (house and zip code)!!

Mrs. Stadt :)

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