Social Studies Update

In Social Studies before spring break week we continued practicing our address! There are 3 lines that help make up our address:

First and Last Name

House Number and Street

City, State, and Zip Code

We also introduced relative directions on a map by talking about regions.  We talked about the different regions of our school (early ele., 2-3 wing, 4-5 wing, specials, and office) and where our room is relative to those regions.

Our next lesson was discussing objects that were man-made or nature-made.  We took a walk around the playground and talked about what was nature-made or if an object was man-made. We talked about different kinds of landforms:  river, lake, ocean, plain, mountain, and forest.  We know that each of these things are nature made.

We read the book, “The Little House” and talked about how the land around us can change.  The students were shocked to see the transformation from a little house in the country to an entire city being built up around it.  We introduced the word “adapt” to the students– getting used to something new, this led us into our last lesson about adapting to different situations.  We discussed the birds and squirrels living in the trees in our backyards.  Then the students were told that those trees were being cut down!  We talked about what would happen to the birds and the squirrels that lived there.  The students came up with the ideas that they would have to move- and they couldn’t stay in that yard anymore.  We call that “adapting” or changing.

We talked about how we have four different seasons and we do different things to adapt during each of them.

Winter:  Wear a winter coat, Shovel the sidewalk, Turn up the heat, Wear hats and gloves

Summer:  Swim, eat popsicles, Use fans and air conditioning, Wear sunscreen

Spring:  Open windows, Plant flowers, Use umbrellas

Fall:  Wear sweaters, Rake the leaves, Go apple picking, Drink cider

Today we took an assessment to review all of the different things we learned about maps, addresses, and how to adapt.  Continue working on your home address with your child!

Mrs. Stadt :)

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