Daily Archives: April 16, 2017

Important Notes: Week 31

What a great first week back!!!  The weather was beautiful, almost everyday, and we took advantage of it by heading out for a little extra recess time.  We also loved studying science!  We observed what it would be like if the Earth didn’t have the sun and brainstormed what might happen to a plant without heat or light.  Next week, we will discuss and explore weather!!!

April 16 – Happy Easter!!!

April 17 – Princess & Superhero Day

Your child may come to school dressed as a princess or superhero.  The kids and I brainstormed about some creative ideas in case you don’t have costumes at home. (Blankets for capes and fancy dresses for princesses.  Or, using parts of other costumes, maybe from Halloween.) Please don’t go out an buy anything new!

April 19 – Happy Birthday Carson!!!

April 19 – Library Day

April 19 – Art Show Reception @ 5:30

April 20 – Marco’s Pizza Night

April 21 – Popcorn Day

Also, I’m not sure if you heard, but we are going to be hatching some chickens in our classroom!!! :) :) :)  The kids were so excited about this announcement and will go bonkers when they see everything set up on Monday.  The eggs started in their incubator this weekend.

Please make sure to fill out this survey about sack lunches for our field to the zoo.  It was sent via e-mail over the weekend.  Here is link:  Zoo Field Trip – Sack Lunches