Daily Archives: December 16, 2017

Learning Update!!!


As we wrap up our unit focused on characters, we talked about how good readers are thinking while they read.  One of the ways that we think is by making connections to what is happening to our characters. As we read, we stopped to think, ‘Would I feel the same way, if that had happened to me?’ or ‘Do I know of any other characters, from different books, who have felt this way before?’ Connections help us to understand how characters feel and infer why they are acting the way they are acting in different parts of a story. Making these connections will help your child to have a deeper understanding of story events and prepares them to be able to talk about character traits.

Next week, we will focus our attention on fluency.  The kids will practice rereading over and over again.  We will encourage the kids to scoop their words into longer phrases, paying attention to punctuation, using a storyteller voice, and showing our feelings through our voice and facial expressions!


 Now that we’ve learned all of the parts of a persuasive letter, we challenged our first graders to be more productive during our writing time.  Our goal is for every child  to write a whole persuasive letter, with all the important parts.

We will be assessing and celebrating everything we’ve learned about persuasive letters next week!  We will pick a final letter to edit (to be a 5 star sentence) and revise (to make sure it has all the parts of a persuasive letter). Then, we will celebrate the work that these kids have done in this unit and send off one final persuasive letter before break.


During our math time this week we continued to practice solving addition and subtraction equations and stories as a whole group warm-up each day.  In order, to incorporate some small group review into our math time we also worked in math groups.

Our math group time involved a partner game called: Who Has More?  This game is very similar to the card game War, but it uses math cards with five groups as a visual support and involves important “math talk” that the kids share as they play.  Our group time also incorporated an independent practice packet from our Unit 2.  The kids were extremely self directed during this time and worked as a team to solve problems.  You may have also noticed some fun holiday mazes in your child’s blue folder.  This was a bonus task during one of our rotations.

We will continue rotating through our math group time next week, and we will also continue to practice our strategies for solving equations and stories.