Learning Update!!!


This week, we worked on our reading fluency.  We listened to audiobooks and studied what other readers do to sound like a reading star!

Here is what we noticed:

We practiced our fluency with our reading partners and invited Mrs. Baker’s class to come listen to our reading too.  It was so much fun to have the kindergartens come visit.  They were very impressed by our first grade skills!


We were excited to write some small moment stories about the fun we had over spring break this week. Our first grade writers did a great job remembering some of the techniques that we used when writing stories way back in the fall: add a who, what, and where, add dialogue, add details, and add a special ending.

Our small moment story writing was excellent practice for our next genre of writing: realistic fiction. The kids are so excited to begin thinking up their own characters, problems, and solutions for the new stories we will write.

At the end of the week, we spent time writing a realistic fiction story together.  We brainstormed the characters (Chrissy, Ky, & Corey), setting (Georgetown Elementary at recess on the playground), problem (Chrissy wanted to play with Ky. Ky said, “No.”), and solution (Chrissy asked Corey to play instead. Corey said, “Yes!”) and sketched out each part of our story.  Then, we added the words and details.

The kids are so excited to try out their own realistic fiction story next week!


Before spring break, we created graphs and made comparisons during our math switch time.  As our expertise grew, so did our graphs! Instead of comparing just two groups of objects, most of our graphs now compare three categories of data, like the graph below:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.41.37 PM

We are always trying to make comparisons between the data in each category (group) by finding the MAGIC NUMBER. With three groups it’s a little harder to find the difference especially when comparing the top category of data with the bottom category of data. If we use a pencil to cover up the extra information, finding the MAGIC NUMBER is a breeze.

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