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Important Notes: Week #8

Brrrrr!!!  The weather is sure starting to feel like fall. As your child begins to bring their cold weather gear to school, don’t forget to label everything.  Hats, gloves, and even boots frequently go missing and we want to make sure all these items get returned to the correct owner.

We had so much fun working on our sight words with some of the Grand Valley baseball players on our half day of school.  Thank you, Mr. Detillion, for bringing in some of your team to spend time with us at school!

On our half day we also made the cutest pumpkins – check the photo stream for a picture of your child holding their masterpiece. :)  Always feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like me to re-share our photo stream link with you.

October 15 – Library Day

Please help your first grader return his/her book.

October 19 – Sight Word Parent Helpers Begin

Volunteers, look for an e-mail tonight with more details about when to arrive, where to go, and what to do.  Also, all volunteers must fill out our background check survey.  I will include this link in the e-mail.  The kids are so excited to have you come! :)

October 22 – Holiday Posters Due

Please feel free to begin sending in any Halloween party donations.  I can hold on to these items at school.  If you are interested in donating or volunteering, here is the signup.com link:

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

Learning Update!!!


This week, we added to our collection of strategies to use when we encounter a tricky word.

We focused on checking to see if our guess makes sense within the context of the page we are reading. Then, we double check to see if the guess matches the letters/sounds of the word on the page. When we are stretching out the sounds in a tricky word, we can try more than one vowel sound to figure out the new word. We spent a lot of time talking about vowels and some of the different sounds they make.


We continued to work on writing small moment stories during our writers workshop.  This week, we learned that great writers include the 3 W‘s in their writing:

By including the 3 W’s on our first page, our writing is clear, detailed, and paints a picture for the reader.  For example:

My family went for a bike ride around our neighborhood.

Our class ate two Oreos in the classroom.

We also focused on making our stories easier to read. We introduced the strategy of using a word wall to access frequently used words and spell them correctly in our stories.


We spent time studying a new math concept: SUBTRACTION!!!  When we solve stories that involve “taking something away” we use a minus sign (-) to represent what happened.  For example, when given the story:

There were 5 cookies.  I ate 3.  How many are left?

Our first graders learned to represent this thinking with circle drawing, break-apart stick, and minus sign right through the circles that were taken away:

We also emphasized that a subtraction equation always begins with the total.  Then we show the “minus” partner, which means that our answer is actually a missing partner (rather than a missing total like an addition equation).  Our first graders “trained their brains” to count up the total and write that number first to accurately represent a subtraction story or circle drawing with an equation.

With our introduction to subtraction still very fresh and new, please support your child on their homework pages as they learn to understand the strategies involved with solving and representing subtraction stories!!!!