Important Dates: Week #33

Thank you so much for filling out our Zoo Field Trip Survey!!!  We have so many volunteers that are able to join us!!!  Woohoo!!!  More information about our trip and answers to some of your questions will be coming soon. If you have not filled out the survey yet, please fill it out by this Monday.  Thank you!   * FIELD TRIP SACK LUNCH SURVEY *

April 29 – Library Day

April 29 – Zoo Field Trip Survey Due

April 29 & 30 – Math Assessment

May 3 – Spelling Assessment

Be sure to practice our spelling words ALL our spelling word from the year at home. Check out the homework packet for a reminder of our 35 no excuse words.

A quick egg update:  Our eggs have been in the incubator for about 20 days now.  On Friday, removed the eggs from the egg turner and placed them on the bottom of the incubator, so they could prepare to hatch.  The eggs should hatch around day 21.  It should be a pretty exciting Monday/Tuesday at school!!!

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