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Spelling Update

and, the, & of

The first two weeks of school we studied the words: and, the, & of! Our first graders recognized that and is spelled how it sounds, but the and of are NOT spelled like they sound! We practiced writing these words many times while thinking about the shape of each word (short letters/tall letters).  We also focused on which letters were vowels and which were consonants.  To remember our vowels, we have been singing a little chant: A, E, I, O, U.  I know the vowels, how ’bout you?!  We are trying our best to recognize our spelling words in our reading and trying to spell them correctly in our writing! Keep practicing these words at home!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Spelling Update

be, this, & from

We will continue to study and practice be, this, and from this week in Spelling! We also have been looking at how double letters stand for one sound. For example, in the word bee the two e’s, which are called double letters, stand for one sound.

And lastly, we introduced our iPods to the students during reader’s workshop time!! :) They were given the time to explore with the app Doodle Buddy last week. This week, we have been focusing on practicing our sight words on an app called Sight Words! This app first says a word and the students must pick the matching word from a list of 5 words! I truly enjoy seeing the kids engaged and enthusiastic about their sight words! Keep up the great work First Graders!