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Just Write Celebration Book!

Our Just Write writing celebration is right around the corner, Thursday May 17.  Before spring break, the kids worked hard to revise and edit one of their stories from this year to get ready to show off to you at our celebration in May.  If you have never been to one of our Just Write Celebrations before, it is a chance for everyone at Georgetown to showcase the work that they have done throughout the year to grow as a writer.

One of the ways that we will be showcasing our work this year is by publishing a class book with one story from each of our first graders in Room 106.  We are shipping our stories off to the press later this week to be published and returned to our school by our celebration week.  We are working with a company called StudentTreasures.  They are allowing us to ship our stories to them and they will publish ONE free book for our classroom (whether parents choose to buy one or not).  In order for our classroom to receive our free copy, we do need to send home a parent note.  The parent note NEEDS to be filled out and returned to school for us to be able to receive our free copy of the class book.

PLEASE, do NOT feel that you need to purchase one of these books.  We just want to take advantage of the free copy and let the kids enjoy seeing their work in a published book.  But, you DO NOT need to purchase one unless you want to.  No pressure!  :)

I sent the parent notes home today, please fill them out and send them back to school ASAP.

Thanks so much for your support of our writers!

Reading Update

This past week, we continued to work on making text to self connections. We focused on how the best connections remind us of something that has happened to us, include a feeling and are connected to the heart of the story.  We talked about how we make lots of little connections as we are reading, but the connections that help us understand a book even better are often connections that are connected to the main idea of the story of the lesson a story is trying to teach you.

This week, we talked to the kids about how they often make connections to books that I read aloud to them, but they also make connections to the books that they read on their own.  We had time each day for the kids to read on their own and mark pages in their books that they had connections to while they were reading.  It was easy to see all the thinking that was going on in the room when you took a look at all the post it notes that were hanging out of books!  We then had time for the kids to share their connections to the class.  There was not enough time for us all to share our connections and in order for us not to forget or lose those important connections, we taught the kids about how readers often write their connections down to keep track of their thinking.  The kids tried writing down their own connections on Friday using the following template to guide them:

Title reminds me of ______________. I felt _________.


Check out some of our connections below:

"The Ant and the Pizza reminds me of when my dad eats all the pizza. I was suprised!"

"Just an Easter Egg reminds me of when I did not have an Easter egg and someone had to give me one. I felt happy."

"Biscuit's Birthday! reminds me of... when I had my birthday and I got my karate suit! I felt happy!"

"Dinosaurs Dancing reminds me of when I was dancing with my mom. I felt glad of myself!"

"Loose Tooth reminds me of when I ate an apple and my tooth got very loose. I was happy!"

"Hello Doctor reminds me of when I went to the doctor's office and got a shot there. I felt like crying!"

"Go Red Hens! reminds me of when I made a goal. I was happy."

"I Can Help reminds me of when I helped my baby sister and she did not cry. I felt happy!"

"A Color of His Own reminds me of when I saw a lizard in my backyard. It saw a leaf. The lizard went on the leaf. I was happy because I got to keep it."

Wow!!!!  What amazing thinkers and readers!!!!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Writing Update

Again this week, we started the week by allowing the class to start brand new stories, but gave them the goal of revising as they wrote by adding some of the techniques that they have learned in our revision unit to make their stories better. Good writers: reread their stories, visualize in their mind, add details to the words, add details to the pictures, add dialogue, take away details that don’t make your story better, make your lead sentence exciting, show, not tell, and make their endings warm and fuzzy.  This sounds like a lot, but you would be amazed at the writing that they are doing…these stories will knock your socks off!!  We can’t wait to celebrate next week!

Toward the end of the week, we talked about how sometimes writers choose to revise their story ideas by changing the shape of their story.  Instead of writing in the shape of a story, writers can take their ideas and change them into letters, postcards, emails, list, how-to directions, songs, poems, and even newspaper articles.  The kids worked hard to look at their stories and take the same idea that they wrote about in their story and change the shape into a new genre of writing.  They had so much fun experimenting and created some great pieces of work!

Check out some of their writing below:

"Having Fun with my Brothers - Extra, Extra, read all about it... me and my brothers were driving our remote control cars. They flipped. They made the woodchips go everywhere!! Some even hit my face."

"I lost a tooth a couple of days ago. I was so happy! My dad said, "Congratulations!" I said, "Thank you dad." WooHoo!!"

"How to be a Ring Bearer - First, line up and stand straight. Next, walk down the aisle and look forward. Then, give the ring to the bride or the guy. Last, stand up there the whole time."

"Dear Mommy, Remember when our (bunk) beds got into two beds. I was happy at first, but now I feel different. Love, Kaitlyn"

Wow!!!!  What amazing writers!!!!

Mrs. Stadt :)

Daily 5!


We have been working so hard on our Daily 5 routine!  The kids know how to… read to self, work with words, partner read, listen to reading, and be a writer.  Watch the slideshow to see some of the creative and comfy spots the kids choose to read, listen, and write!  :)

Daily 5

Miss Taber :)

Writing Celebration!

Today was a big day for us in Room 106!  We had a writing celebration… and we graduated!  We know how to write books that can teach people… and we are ready to start learning about poetry.  Our graduation would not have been complete without our hats, noise makers, and diplomas!  Check out the slideshow to see the graduates!  :)

Writing Celebration

Miss Taber :)

How-To Celebration!

On Thursday we celebrated being “How-To” writers!  We have been writing “How-To” stories that tell our readers how to… teach, make, or play something.  We got in small groups and read our stories to our partners so they could check our directions.  Some of our ideas were… How-To:  bake a cake, ride a bike, shoot a basketball, tie your shoe… and many more!  We ended our celebration with a jolly rancher toast!  Here are some pictures!  :)


Miss Taber :)

School Supplies

Welcome to first grade!

I am so excited to be your child’s teacher next year – I was also very excited to see that Target is already setting up it’s back to school section.  If you are as eager as I am to catch all the good deals, check out the link below to see what your first grader will need for this coming year.  I will provide most of the essentials, but a few highly recommended items include: a backpack, gym shoes, a pencil box and a box of tissues.

School Supplies – Have fun shopping!

Mrs. Stadt :)