Lunch, Recess & Toys

Lunch: This year the first graders will eat their lunch each day in the multipurpose room from approximately 12:05-12:25. Your child may either bring a lunch from home or they have the option to order lunch from school. Lunch choices will be made first thing in the morning to ensure that an adequate number of hot lunches can be prepared. If your child arrives late to school, make sure to order a lunch for him or her in the office if needed. If a child forgets to order a lunch, a cheese sandwich, milk and sides are always available for him or her.

If you choose to take advantage of the hot lunch program, you can send money to be added to your child’s account right to school. (You can also add money online!) When sending lunch money to school, please place the money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, teacher and the phrase “lunch money”. This envelope can be sent to school in your child’s blue folder and will be delivered to the food service mailbox that day.

Please visit if you are interested in more information about the hot lunch program at school.

Recess: In first grade, your child has the opportunity to run and play outside two times a day!! Our first recess takes place before school. Your child can head right to the kindergarten/first grade playground after he or she gets dropped off to school. This playground is located outside of the kindergarten doors. Your child will be picked up on the playground by his or her teacher at 8:45 when the bell rings.

Our lunch recess takes place from approximately 11:30-12:00. Your child will be playing on the kindergarten/first grade playground for this recess too. Our lunch recess is extra long recess.  We have chosen to combine our lunch recess (15 minutes) and extra recess (15 minutes) into one long recess.  This helps our first graders during the winter months when there is so much extra gear to put on and take off.  During the spring and fall, we will try to get outside for an extra recess right before specials in the afternoon as often as we can!!!

When the weather changes, please be sure to send your child to school with the appropriate winter gear. Make sure to label everything that your child brings to school as it is very easy for mittens, hats and even boots to go missing. If your child’s name is labeled on their belongings it is much easier to return a missing item to its owner. This includes labeling your child’s P.E. shoes which should be stored in his or her locker all year long!!

Toys: In first grade, we request that your child does not bring in toys or valuables from home for use during recess. We do not want these items to get lost, broken or taken. These objects can also sometimes cause problems on the playground and often make their way into the classrooms too! Throughout the year, your child’s class will have special days in which toys, stuffed animals or other special items are allowed to be brought to school from home.